CFW LIVE – Scotland – 8th Dec 18

Emma Sneddon is a public speaker, motivator and creator of the “Confidence From Within” programme.  She has been public speaking around the world for many years in front of audiences of up to 7,000.  She is dedicated to inspiring people to improve their lives , regain their lost confidence and boost their self-worth.

Emma is bringing her Confidence From Within programme back north of the border. Her first Scottish event was a huge success, so tickets will sell fast!

BOOK NOW for this event on 8th December 2018.

CFW LIVE is a unique opportunity to see, meet and learn from Emma in an intimate venue of JUST 20 seats.

There are three tiers of tickets available for this exclusive event.


  • Immediate access to Emma’s NEW private Facebook group AVAILABLE ONLY TO CFW LIVE TICKET HOLDERS.  In this exclusive group Emma will share lots of FREE content not available anywhere else – including a monthly LIVE video call for CFW ticket holders only.  The sooner you buy, the sooner you get in the group, the sooner you start to benefit from this additional exclusive content.
  • Exclusive pre-event reception.  Opportunity to meet Emma before the event
  • Access to both the morning session & afternoon workshop (see below for the detail of the morning and afternoon sessions)
  • Follow-up one-to-one call (worth £97) with Emma, 2-6 weeks after the event so Emma can help ensure that you have been able to put into practice everything you learnt at the event

Ticket Options


Full Day Tickets – £97 – MOST POPULAR TICKETS

Morning Session – “The Seven Steps to a More Confident YOU”

Emma will take you through a  3 hour morning session packed full of tips, strategies and tools to enable you to grow into the more confident version of yourself.

Afternoon Session – “Building Your Personal Action Plan to the New, More Confident YOU”

The afternoon session will be a workshop of exercises where we will build on everything you learnt in the morning session.  You will leave with very clear personal action plan.  This be steps for you to take over the next weeks and months to transform yourself into a much more confident version of you, with higher self-worth and self-esteem.

Ticket Options


Morning Only Tickets – £47 – AVAILABLE NOW – LIMITED SPACES

Morning Session – “The Seven Steps to a More Confident YOU”

Emma will take you through a  3 hour morning session packed full of tips, strategies and tools to enable you to grow into the more confident version of yourself.

Ticket Options


This event is FOR YOU if……

  • You feel paralysed by fear of what others think of you
  • You never feel able to say what you REALLY want to
  • You apologise for everything
  • You never feel quite good enough
  • You are always in the background in your own life
  • You want to be, do and have whatever you want!

My aim through this event is to help you to ….

  • Speak up when you want to
  • Have no fear of what other people think (who cares anyway??)
  • Appreciate your own worth and the value you offer
  • Achieve things you never thought you could

Get back to the person you used to be…. The person who believed they could conquer the world…. The person who believed the future was full of amazing possibilities just waiting for you to reach out and grab them.

Maybe you feel like you were never that person, maybe you feel like you could never be that person again.  I have seen the unbelievable difference it makes to someone when they start to believe in themselves again, when they feel like they are in charge of their lives, their choices and their future – I know that this is possible for you and how quickly you can get there once you make a start.

This programme is that start for you – it is the start of you taking action, making a change, taking a stand, making a decision.

Take a look at what other have said about the Confidence From Within programme

“I have a hard time loving myself, I questioned everything about me, what others thought of me.. Emma Sneddon has helped to turn this around… I stand tall, I worry less and I am working on loving myself everyday, thanks to this amazing lady xxx”Carly, CFW June 2017

“I can not thank Emma enough for everything she does!!! She’s such an inspiration and makes everything so easy to understand and relate to. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you xxx.” Manpreet, CFW June 2017

” I am definitely so much more confident and I feel generally a lot happier and it’s all because of this course and the incredible support, knowledge and tips from Emma! 
So glad I went for it, it’s definitely changed my life! Thank you so much Emma xxx” Bethany, CFW June 2017

So guys, what are you waiting for?  I am so excited for your future and so delighted to be your guide for this journey.