My name is Emma Sneddon and I have been passionately involved in building people into the best versions of themselves for a number of years .  I am a business coach, a business owner, public speaker and like many people a busy Mum and Wife as well.

Over the past few years my life has changed beyond recognition. In 2013, having built a successful corporate career over 15 years, I felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied.  It didn’t make my heart sing and i was simply going through the motions.

So I took a leap of faith, had total self belief and decided to leave that life and start my own business.  I finally took control of my life and realised that finding my inner confidence, working out what truly i was passionate about would give my life not only happiness but also fulfilment.

Since then I have coached and built a team of successful entrepreneurs all over the world, including public speaking to audiences of up to 6,000 in countries including USA, Australia, UAE and all across Europe.  Along the way, I have identified so many strategies and tools to help people to overcome the many limiting beliefs that have sometimes held them back for years.

Through public speaking, coaching sessions and mentorship, I have a number of platforms where i can now share all this knowledge with you!

If you think I can help you, or you want to get in touch, contact me